Curling Stones & Handles

New Stones

We at Canada Curling Stone Co. are proud to manufacture our new curling stones from Trefor granite. We have the exclusive rights to the supply of this granite, making us the only company in the world making NEW curling stones from Trefor granite.

Remanufactured Stones

Variety of options for start up clubs, arena clubs or clubs needing to replace worn out stones without the cost of going to new stones.

Literock Junior Stones

Engineered to perform like a full size curling stone at only 25 lbs. The perfect addition to any junior or learn to curl program.

Curlex Handles

The most reliable handle on the market, Curlex handles are used in all levels of curling from club play right through to the World Championships & Olympic Winter Games.

Curling Stone Maintenance

If your club is considering having work done on their stones and would like us to do an assessment of their current condition with recommendations based on that assessment, please contact Kimberly Tuck for more information.

Curling Ice Scrapers, Blades & The Nipper

Canada Curling Stone Co. is always looking at ways to improve our product line with quality products that not only make the jobs of ice technicians easier, but products they can rely on. This is why we have added not only THE BOSS battery powered ice scraper to our line, but also two new scraper blades. In our new facility we have taken steps to create an in house blade sharpening and service area that is able to handle scraper blades, nipper blades and hand scraper blades focusing not only on the sharpening of the blades but the set up which is a key component to the performance of a new or new sharpened blade.If you would like more information on our blade servicing please contact our office.