Curling Stones

Canada Curling Stone Co. is proud to be able to offer a large selection of quality curling stones.

Whether your club is considering new stones with or without inserts, our revolutionary LiteRock junior stones or a set of remanufactured curling stones simply the opportunity to have that choice is what sets Canada Curling Stone Co. apart from all other curling stone companies.

Please note that our stock of remanufactured stones is always changing, if your club is interested in a particular type of granite, contact our office for availability.

New Stones

The Trefor quarry of Northern Wales has been for over 50 years and continues to be the source of the highest quality granites for curling stone manufacturing. We at Canada Curling Stone Co. are proud to have exclusive rights to the Trefor granite making us the only company in the world to use Trefor granite to manufacture new curling stones.
Know for its superior quality, Trefor granites have the ability to withstand years of frequent use making them the top choice for clubs considering the purchase of new stones.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact our office as we would be happy to answer any questions, provide you with a quote, but more importantly to aid your club in purchasing a stone that is best suited for your club’s needs.

Curling Stones
Curling Stones

Remanufactured Stones

Remanufactured stones from Canada Curling Stone Co. are the perfect way for any new club starting up to acquire stones or for any club wishing to replace their worn out stones without the cost of going to new stones. We have different levels of remanufactured stones available. All of our remanufactured stones have been inserted with Blue Hone granite insert running surfaces and have had their strikebands reprofiled.
The performance of our remanufactured stones will rival any new stone; the only difference is the lifespan is significantly lower than that of a new stone as these stones have already been in use. It is not uncommon to see mineral deposits in new or used curling stones. These “character marks” are a natural occurrence in granite, and should not be of concern--it is very rare for mineral deposits to affect the performance or life of a stone.

For more information on our remanufactured stone stock, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

LiteRock Junior Stones

The LiteRock junior stones are manufactured of high-tech composites to look like granite and engineered to provide all the same characteristics of a full size 40lb granite curling stone but at only half the weight. The rocks cool down in minutes making for easier storage solutions as they do not require storage on the ice. The handles are the Curlex brand handle giving you not only a variety of colours to choose from but also the option to engrave sponsors names on the handles a great fundraising tool for your club or a great way to recognize a generous donation.
These LiteRocks curl and react just like the adult stone, making them a great tool for teaching little rockers not only the technical side of the curling delivery, but also the fundamentals of how the game is played. Weight transfer on impact shows the proper angles when performing take out and raise shots. Your little rockers will enjoy the look and feel of our LiteRocks and find them easier to throw than any other junior stone.
Curling Stones

Curlex Handles

The number one curling stone handle on the market; Curlex Handles have been proudly made in Canada since 1975. Number one in its quality and durability, Curlex Handles are used in all levels of curling from club play right up to such events as The World Curling Championships and The Olympic Winter Games. Made from a one piece mold the Lexan based curling stone handle is available in more colours than any other type of handle. Engraving of sponsor’s names, sheet letter or number and player numbers and even corporate logos are done on site with top quality workmanship, making this a great fundraising tool for any club or a way to recognize important events. Pleasse contact our office today for more information.